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WLCO offers a safe and supportive space during regular business hours for individuals to discuss solutions to everyday situations. This provides a crucial setting for open communication and support within the AA community.

WLCO also provides:

  • 24-Hour Hotline: The availability of a 24-hour hotline, staffed by an alcoholic 24/7, ensures that individuals in need can access support and guidance at any time.

  • 12 Step Call List: A valuable resource for individuals seeking a connection or assistance through the AA 12-step program.

  • Temporary Sponsor List: Having a list of temporary sponsors is crucial for those who are new to the program and need immediate support and guidance.

  • Newcomer Packets: These packets contain essential information and resources for newcomers to AA, helping them navigate the program and find the support they need.

  • Meeting Space: WLCO provides meeting space for AA meetings and service activities, fostering a sense of community and facilitating group interactions.

  • Event Participation: WLCO actively participates in area events by displaying and distributing copies of event fliers, as well as selling literature and items at various gatherings. This helps to promote AA activities and engage with the community on a broader scale.

WLCO is Your one stop shop for A.A. Literature

Visit us in person for all your AA literature, Big Books, chips, and more.


WLCO Desk and Hotline are staffed by volunteers in recovery and supported through contributions from the A.A. communities we serve. Click here to volunteer.

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